Toni Goldwascher


Family film Bavarian Tom Sawyer
Year: 2007
Year in film: 1952
Country: Germany
Who in pigtails: girls ~9-12 ?
Who in pigtails 2:
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes
Pigtail occurence: low+
Rating:  4/10 *
Rating: ****
Comment: First one blonde girl, I think the girl friend of Toni with one braid. Also some few girls at school in dark pigtails but brief scenes and in the background only. Scene pictured at 29 minutes. School scene at around 7 minutes. Maybe more scenes?

Very interesting movie with some boys in Lederhosen (sailor suit blog rating 9).

I have to recheck it again at slow speed. For more infos see my other blog.

Rating 4-5 for pigtails only.

New tag German.


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